21 Mar

pike 2Frequently you’ll see pike on weed edges that  make you appreciate the fish-holding appeal of these areas.

If you’re an enthusiast of catching pike, weed beds are one of the best places   to fish. Yet to refine your strategy even further, focus on the edges of weeds.  This area is deadly for any size pike, but it’s often the spot where   the monsters hang out!

Why Pike Love Edges   The reason pike hang out in these areas is because the advantage and what draws pike to weed edges. Hidden in the lush vegetation, a pike can hide in   the shadows and wait for prey to enter the brighter lit area outside the weed edge. Once prey enters the open area, the concealed pike strikes!

Pike also use edges as runways to cruise weed beds looking for food. A pike has the advantage when it successfully chases prey into the open water areas outside of weeds. No longer able to hide in the plant’s protection, fish   become an easy target for these pike. These are two key reason edges attract pike. To help narrow down your search, here are some things to look for in weed-edge areas.

pikeTypes Of Weed Edges   A good weed edge is an area that contains weeds of different sizes, stopping   at specific depths on a drop off. These occur on major lakes. Islands and points jutting out into deeper water are prime weed line drop off areas. No matter where you find them though, they’re definite pike haunts.

The shallower, shore side of a weed bed can also have a distinct edge. Often caused by sand or rock that prevents weed growth, these inside weed lines are good areas to work for pike, especially early in the season or on overcast   days.

Between the outside and inside edges of weed beds, other smaller edges exist. The most common ones are cuts in weeds formed by a drop in depth, or pockets created by boulders or sunken logs interrupting weed growth.

pike fishing baits

Weed edge fishing baits (left to right): an inline buck tail spinner,
a jerk bait, and a paddle tailed swim bait

Edge BaitsTo work weed edges for pike some lures are better than others.  Pike are attracted to a lure smacking the   water, or suddenly flashes, so buck tail spinner baits and inline spinners are good choices. Large, soft-plastic shad swim baits are another great lure for edges as the paddle tail puts out plenty of thump to get a pike’s attention. Minnow baits, jerk baits, and crank baits also work well on pike.

 Work these baits outside the edge to minimize foul-ups. Remember to fish these baits on stop-and-go or erratic retrieves. In general terms:

  •   Use slower-moving presentations in cold water conditions or after a cold front.
  •   Warmer water and stable weather conditions call for faster, more aggressive presentations.

Northern pike love the edges of weed lines. Remember to use leaders to prevent bite-offs from these toothy predators and opt for heavy-power rods to battle big fish. After all, when you’re working a weed edge for pike, the possibility of a trophy always exists and you’ll soon join the ranks of a master angler!



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