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Spring Northern Pike Fishing


Steve Storlie – 40 inch northern pike

Northern pike fishing in the spring can be phenomenal, especially when there are no spring weather fronts. We get spring thunderstorms just like just anywhere else but generally during first three weeks in the spring will generally be one of the best weeks for numbers of Master Angler and Trophy Fish, however since Wawang Lake is a combination action/trophy lake the sensational fishing lasts for our entire season due to the many years of lake conservation and mandatory slot size.. Check-out our list of trophy fish and you will understand why northern pike fishing is an attraction at our Ontario fishing lodge WAWANG FISHING.  Our lodge provides Ontario pike fishing at its best. The ice comes off Wawang Lake around the end of the first week of May and the fishing opener is the third Saturday in May for Walleye, but, we open for northern pike fishing one week earlier just for you pike fishermen. The large mature northern pike will spawn under the ice on Wawang Lake and nature permitting pike fishermen will experience some of the best trophy fishing going.

From ice-out until mid-June, red fin and white suckers will spawn at the mouth of many streams flowing into Wawang Lake and at the river flowing out. Northern pike fishing is best in these areas, as the big pike feed on the suckers. The northern pike fishing will take place in less than three feet of water most of the time. Our anglers need to use the right lures for northern pike fishing in this shallow water.

The anglers fly-fishing for northern pike have the most success in this shallow water. Bunny leeches and rabbit strip flies from 3″ to 6″ are favorite flies for fly-fishing northern pike. Black, orange & white colored flies seem to be the most productive, but other colors work better at times.

Some of our fly-fishermen will fish the shallow water at the creek inlets, and find they catch more northern pike the more they kick-up the muddy bottoms. The water at the inlets in the smaller section of Wawang is muddy and stained and not as clear as the main section of Wawang Lake is.
The conventional anglers need lures that will not hang-up on the bottom. Mepps in-line spinner baits, Johnson Silver Minnow weedless spoons, floating Rapalas and other floating stick baits, and Texas-rigged soft plastics like 3″ to 5″ flukes or grubs do well in the early spring for northern pike fishing. Floating stick baits, like the Original Floating Rapala #18, can be cast into the shallow water at the inlets and adjacent shoreline. These stick baits will float and can then be twitched to dive a foot or less below the surface and not get hung-up on the bottom. The Texas-rigged soft plastics work exceptionally well at this time of year. The water temperatures are cold and spring weather fronts can make the northern pike sluggish, so a slow presentation can be one of the most productive for northern pike fishing. The Texas-rig to a jig or a worm hook makes the soft plastic weedless in the shallow creek inlets. headed jig or worm hook.
Flukes, like a Bass Assassin or Zoom Salty Super Fluke, imitate the look and action of leeches, smelt and minnows and have been a favorite for years on our lake. Be sure to pack some in your tackle box for northern pike fishing all season.

Northern pike fishing at these inlets has always been the most productive in the spring, but some anglers will fish the windblown points. Our prevailing wind is normally out of the north to northwest; therefore, the opposite end of the lake (south to southeast) will provide the best pike action in the spring.

The color of lures that work best in the spring for northern pike fishing are fire tiger, fluorescent orange, chartreuse, blue, white, silver, gold, and many colors of soft plastic.

Northern pike will strike at anything white or silver since lake herring thrive in our waters and come into the shallows during the spring this is an easy and delectable food source for pike, since at this time, they are more lethargic after just coming off the spawn and look forward to the opportunity of this easy meal that will get their energy levels back up to normal.



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