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Calling for Assistance From our Followers

Aerial Resort


We have been experiencing technical problems with our internet service provider ‘XPORNET’due to equipment failure that we rent from them. According to all their customer care representatives they do not have any parts ‘anywhere in Canada’ to be able to get us up and running again, ugh!

This has had a negative impact on our business as we are 55 miles (90 km) off the grid and we’ve had to drive out to the local town of Upsala to check our emails, ads, facebook posts, etc.   It takes us a minimum of six hours to do this.

We are now on day six without any internet for our business and cannot supply this service to our guests this past week. I’m asking for all followers on SOCIAL NETWORK (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, WordPress, etc) to please leave a comment on your favorite forum with regards to how important ‘INTERNET’ is to you to be able to communicate with us. Your views are welcome and could have a huge impact to expediate our service and  with the overall outcome between us and XPORNET.  We are on a business package and pay much more for service compared to a ‘home package’.

CaptureWhat is a realistic downtime nowadays to be without internet service?  Do you communicate mostly by phone, email, texting, messaging, etc?  Let us know you views…….it will be a BIG help to our cause!



Thank you,

All of us at Wawang Lake Resort


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