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198 Walleyes in Two Days – EXCITING FISHING

Okay, have to make a correction on Bill’s two day WALLEYE total.  By the end of the 2nd day Bill actually caught/released 198 walleye.  This is from the master angler himself.  Not bad for mid July fishing through a Mayfly Hatch.


On Bill’s first trip to Wawang Lake four years ago he caught well over 40 trophy sized walleye during his stay and stated embarrassinlyly that he caught himself saying (after so many fish) ‘Oh it’s just another 24″ walleye’.  How depressing is that?    Needless to say Bill was very impressed with Wawang Lake and has returned each year since to visit us……well the walleye anyways.   He’s made quite a few friends IN Wawang Lake I might add 🙂  vist us!


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