It’s Cold Outside!

06 Dec

I thought this looks comfortable for those that want to stay off the ground when camping..


How to stay warm while sleeping
1.) Make sure you have proper clothing to sleep in. If you sleep in the same clothes you wore all day they are likely to be a little damp. If you can, try to have an extra set of clothes for sleeping. If you must sleep in the same clothes be sure to warm them up by the fire before getting in your sleeping bag. Take a pair of fleece socks dedicated to the sleeping bag. Don’t sleep in the socks you wore all day because they will be wet whether or not you feel like they are.  Also be sure to WEAR A HAT. We loose most heat from our head, wear a winter beenie to keep that heat.
2.) Do a little bit of warming up before you get in your sleeping bag like sit-ups, push-ups, eat a slow burning fatty…

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