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The Bear Cub Incident

bear cubTRUE STORY:

A few years back, a logger driving southbound on the Graham Rd noticed the cutest, tiny bear cub that was sitting at the side of the road so he stopped his truck to assess the situation. The logger got out of the truck and looked all around  and noticed that there was no momma bear around.

Thinking the cub had been abandoned, or, that something negative had happened to the sow he decided against leaving te bear cub behind.  So he carefully picked up the cute, docile cub and gently imagesCA6NUG1Tplaced him on the passenger seat of his truck. The logger began driving when only a mile down the road, slammed on …the brakes, slid to a stop and flew out the door.

When the cub recovered from his shock and realized where he was – he went into a frenzy, clawed and chewed on the logger – snarled and sliced the whole interior of the vehicle. When the cub imagesCACWGNGPwas finally done with all the damage he scampered out of the truck and ran back up the road towards his momma who was now barreling down the road towards the logger….yikes!!

The logger jumped into the truck, shifted into gear and in the rear view mirror noticed that momma bear stopped and sniff her cub as they met up – then momma suddenly stood up, angrily spun around and swiped the air in the loggers direction……… real mad.

The logger was left in shreds as he bled profusely and his brand new truck was sliced, diced and completely in ruins.

bear cub


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The great grey owl is a large, reclusive predator of the taiga’s coniferous forests. Plunge marks in the snow are usually the only evidence for its presence. Distinctive extra-large facial disks direct sound to feather covered ear openings, providing super-sensitive hearing. This enables the great grey owl to accurately locate prey, even under two feet of snow or in a tunnel. With soft feathers, it can glide unheard from its perch to dispatch an unfortunate rodent with its sharp talons. The abundance of food, especially voles, is crucial for the number of eggs a female will lay. Great grey owls will travel vast distances when local prey is scarce.

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